8 January 2021- The Virgin Mary became a Sun in virtue of the Divine Volition.

My daughter,
man never knows how to do great things,
– nor how to give great things.

So the Celestial Queen would have remained the little light,
–  if She had not put aside her volition, that is the little light, and
–  if she didn’t let herself be  invested by my Divine Volition,
loosing her little light in Him.

This was the great portent,  the Kingdom of my Divine Will in Her.
With this, all that which she did became Light.
She fed herself with Light.
Nothing went forth from Her that was not Light.
Because she held in her power the Sun of my Divine Volition.
And how much Light she wanted to draw so much of It she drew.

“The Virgin Mary became Sun in virtue of the Divine Volition.” BOH 23